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Manners in the Business Workplace Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Manners in the Business Workplace - Assignment Example The researcher states that business etiquette plays a major role in the success of an individual to move towards their dream job. Business etiquettes do not have any clear and written out rules that need to be followed, however mainly includes being courteous, and respectful of people at the workplace. In the present times, with the fast-paced information age work environment, office etiquette is becoming more important each day. Keeping up the etiquette within the workplace clearly is crucial to help each other work more effectively and to be able to keep up with the fast pace. To be able to keep up with the growing competition and need for fast-paced working, people without office etiquette tend to be big hindrances to their own growth as well as the growth of the team and organization as a whole. Hence this is crucial and needs to be followed by all organizations. Workers are a keep in the development of good business manners as they form the business and if the business manners a re developed by themselves, then there are higher chances that they would follow the rules and manners. Workers form the business and hence in the case of the manners their inputs and contributions are needed the highest. With the intense competition and the high need for goal-oriented individuals, and the changing workplace styles (open workplaces), there are a number of changes to the office conduct. People need to be more aware of their surroundings and their behavior and need to also ensure that little or no personal discussions are held within the office space. The main change in the present times is the need to respect the space of others as well as to ensure that aspects like noise, clutter and odor are kept under control. This helps in the overall effective workplace. Workplaces require gender-free etiquette and to do so, a few possible steps that can be inculcated in all employees are to follow the below-mentioned rules: a) holding the door open for anyone who follows irres pective of their gender, b) shaking hands with everyone in the same manner, simple one hand, c) allowing the person closest to the door in the elevator to get off first, and d) recognizing people for their rank and not gender.

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Brainscapes Case Resolution Template Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Brainscapes Resolution Template - Case Study Example he sodium concentration detected from MRI of the hippocampus suggest that the neurons in the hippocampus became diseased and were not functioning properly? What sort of a change in the Na+ concentration gradient would you expect when neurons are damaged or malfunctioning? In a normal brain tissue, the large intracellularcompartment maintains a low sodium concentration( ~10mmol/l) against a high sodium concentration in the extracellular compartment(~140mmol/l) After the death of neural cells,the intracellular space of a cell shrinks and the extracellular space increases. The larger concentration of sodium in the extracellular space yields a larger sodium signal intensity. 3 In addition to the information in the case presentation (including the web sites contained in the case itself, what other information did you find to determine whether the differences in Na+ concentrations in hippocampal cells could be related to changes in memory function? Where did you find this information? There is considerable evidence to suggest that the hippocampus and the related medio-temporal lobe structures of the human brain are crucial for the encoding and storage of information in long term memory 4) What does each of these additional items contribute to the solution of the case? For example, the item contains data from specific tests, trials, or experiments, or presents analyses that canbe used to understand the main issues in this case. The Thulborn study has provided evidence for the changes in sodium concentration upon death of neural cells. These have enabled the use of sodium magnetic resonance imaging to determine the sodium levels in hippocampus to test for the presence or extent of AD. There may be situations where the sodium content may increase in cells that are not dead or degenerated thus giving a false interpretation of the results. Increased sodium in the tissue could be caused by direct leakage of sodium because of amyloid beta channels in membranes

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The Tyger Symbol Analysis Essay Example for Free

The Tyger Symbol Analysis Essay The symbol of the Tyger is one of the two central mysteries of the poem (the other being the Tyger’s creator). It is unclear what it exactly symbolizes, the Tyger could be inspiration, the divine, artistic creation, history, the sublime (the big, mysterious, powerful and sometimes scary, or vision itself. Really, the list is almost infinite. The point is, the Tyger is important, and Blake’s poem barely limits the possibilities. Line 7: â€Å"Wings† are what the creator uses to aspire to the creation of the Tyger. Essentially, they are the power or inspiration that allows the creator to dare go about the task of creating the Tyger. Smith Tools (Hammer, chain, furnace, anvil) Stanza 4: In the poem, these tools make up an extended metaphor of the creator and his creation of the Tyger. A blacksmith uses these tools to make objects out of super-hot metal. The word forge – to create orform – is a smith term as well as another name for a smith’s furnace. The smith reference also ties into all the fire imagery associated with the Tyger, and heightens the energy and danger of the Tyger’s creation. If you don’t think forging metal is hot or dangerous, you might want to visit even a modern-day steel mill. Line 20: When you read the word lamb, always first think: symbol of Jesus Christ (the Lamb of God). As the tradition holds, animals such as lambs were sacrificed to God or gods in general until God offered his Son, Jesus Christ – his lamb – as the final sacrifice for the sins of mankind. In line 20, Blake references a version of Christianity that states that God created Jesus. Blake asks whether God, who created Jesus, also created the Tyger. Also, don’t forget that The Lamb is the title of another poem by Blake, from the Songs of Innocence. The body parts referenced in this poem – hands, eyes, shoulders, and feet – are examples of synecdoche. Synecdoche is when a part of something is used to refer to the whole thing. For example, when someone yells All hands on deck! he doesn’t actually mean that he wants a bunch of severed hands on the deck; rather, he wants the people and their hands to help with the ship. So, the phrase immortal hand references the whole being or person that the hand belongs to, while at the same time focusing on the hands as the means of creation. The eye is representative of the whole body and person, but lso focuses our attention on the faculty of sight. Also, by including only parts of the creator in the actually poem, Blake contributes to the mystery of who or what he actually is. It’s like having only a few extreme close-ups of a person: you can see the hands, shoulder, feet, and eyes, but you cant see the whole package, and that means you cant even tell who youre looking at. The fire serves multiple purposes as an extended metaphor. First, it’s often associated with the Tyger, which contributes to the Tyger’s ferocity and sublimity (the fact it’s big, powerful, and mysterious). Fire is also a source of energy, and since the Tyger seems to be filled with fire, then he must also be filled with energy. In another sense, the fire of the smith’s furnace is the fire of creation, the means by which the Tyger was formed. Setting An abstract setting; Forests of the night and distant deeps or skies The settings of â€Å"The Tyger,† or at least the worlds this poem seems to conjure up, are extremely varied. In general, though, it takes place in the abstract, without much more than Forests of the night, and distant deeps or skies, to give the reader any sense of location. However, the lack of a concrete setting is just as important as the presence. Think of watching a play in a theatre in which the whole stage is dark except for one spotlight. There is no setting in the sense of it taking place in a house or in a field – it’s abstract. The most important quality, then, is that it has no obvious setting, just like the poem. Blake has placed the spotlight on the Tyger, but where it is, or where the speaker is, are not part of the equation. Leaving the setting fluid keeps the themes fluid and abstract as well. It also highlights what setting is there, if fairly vague. The forests of the night are dark and mysterious, cloaking and hiding the fiery symbol of the Tyger. The distant deeps or skies bring to mind the notions of Hell being underground and Heaven being in the sky. Since the Tyger may have been created in either Hell (deeps) or Heaven (skies), it remains ambiguous as to whether the Tyger is good or bad. Regardless, it would seem to us that being in the forests of the night with a fearful, burning Tyger on the loose, is scary, whether abstract or not.

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Comparing Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby and Brett of The Sun Also

Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby and Brett Ashley of The Sun Also Rises      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Written right after the publication of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises is apparently influenced in many ways.   The most obvious of Fitzgerald's influence is manifested in Hemingway's portrayal of his heroine, Brett Ashley. Numerous critics have noted and discussed the similarities between Brett and Daisy Buchanan, and rightly so; but the two women also have fundamental differences. Compared to Daisy, Brett is a more rounded, complex character, and Hemingway has treated her with more sympathy than Fitzgerald has with Daisy. Some similarities between Brett Ashley and Daisy Buchanan include their physical beauty, their extravagant/ flamboyant lifestyle, and their unhappy marriages. However, their most important similarity is the destructive influence they have on their suitors.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Daisy attracts Jay Gatsby with her beauty--not only her physical appearance, but also the entire carefree, comfortable, luxurious lifestyle: Gatsby was overwhelmingly aware of the youth and mystery that wealth imprisons and preserves, of the freshness of many clothes and of Daisy, gleaming like silver, safe and proud above the hot struggles of the poor (157). To Gatsby the rich life is temptingly desirable because it was equaled to Daisy herself. Her life far detached from the sweaty hard struggling seems to hold as much enchanted beauty as she holds for Gatsby. He falls in love with that beauty, and Daisy has become his one and only goal and dream in life. With this, Fitzgerald is putting the blame for Gatsby's fall--his indulgence in the wrong dream, and his wrong choice of means to achieve his end--on Daisy. But t... ... S. "Brett and Her Lovers." Brett Ashley. Ed. Harold Bloom. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1991. 105-122. Martin, Wendy. "Brett Ashley as New Woman in The Sun Also Rises." New Essays on The Sun Also Rises. Ed. Linda Wagner-Martin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987. 65-82. Works Consulted: Hemingway, Ernest. "The Unpublished Opening of The Sun Also Rises." (5-8). Fitzgerald, F. Scott. "Letter to Ernest Hemingway (June 1926)." (8). Whitlow, Roger. "Bitches and Other Simplistic Assumptions." (148-156). Cohen, Milton A. "Circe and Her Swine." (157-165). Bloom, Harold. Brett Ashley. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1991. McCay, Mary A. "Fitzgerald's Women: Beyond Winter Dreams." (311-324). Fleischmann, Fritz, ed. American Novelists Revisited: Essays in Feminist Criticism. Boston: G. K. Hall & Co., 1982.      

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Jackie Kay ”Owl” Essay

The faint, almost invisible, line between child and adult, carefree and responsible, becomes more and more blurry and grey the closer you get to it. First, it is said that you reach adulthood and step into the real world, when you confirm your faith in God, but thrusting that threshold yourself, you just know you are not yet an adult. So then, you postpone it until the age of 18. By then you should be starting your career, or at least have an idea of where you are going, and more importantly you are now legally an adult, with the right to vote and take care of others, but also with the hard realities of facing up to your mistakes. Coming to terms with who you are as you grow up and as an adult is not always the easiest thing. The short story â€Å"Owl† by Jackie Kay treats exactly this subject, of whom you end out to be, and what things you choose to hold on to in life. Jackie Kay chooses in her story to make use of the first-person narrator, and this makes it easier as a reader to identify yourself with the main character Anita. The reader reminisces to own childhood memories and feel like they are in close contact with Anita’s feelings, almost as if they were the reader’s own. When Anita tells her story, she does so by starting out in a flashback from her childhood, with the memory that started it all. The time she went on holiday with her parents and Marion and hers, and they first discovered the screeching barn owl, which would become the foundation for their lifelong friendship. This use of flashback gives the reader a more precise conception of who Anita was as a child, and what made her Barn. As most children Barn was selfish and unable to sympathize. She was not held back by leaving out Sandra when it came to who caused the crowd, and keen neither on giving her an owl-related nickname to include her or even changing her own. When it came to telling white lies to uphold the sacredness of her and Tawny’s new best friendship, she did so without the blink of an eye. As Barn retells the stories of their childhood she leaves little comments, which tells the reader that the pettiness and uncompromising attitude she possessed as a child is no longer with her. She has made a development from child to adult, even though she cannot see it  herself. She notices and analyzes, as she retells, the feelings she put Sandra through by excluding her. This also indicates the change she has made from her age of ten until her forty’s; in spite her own lack of recognizing it. It is later on revealed that the same holiday where Barn and Tawny discovered the barn owl, they also found out that their parents had swapped. This collision of two worlds and confusion over splitting parents keeps coming up in Barns mind. She tells Tawny that she cannot stop thinking about that summer, and at first, one might think that this has to do with the owl that tied their friendship together. However, when looking closer you will realize that her own recent split from a man causes her lingering to this memory. It is briefly brought up by her and Tawny but not really spoken of, which is caused by Barn’s conflicting emotions from her parents split. On one hand, their splitting brought her closer to her best friend and gave her something consistent in her life that she knew would never fail her. On the other, she is scared to be alone, and taking over all the responsibility for herself, becoming an adult. Therefore, she leans on Tawny to be the only trusty thing in her life. The owl in this story seem to have significant meaning to the friendship between Barn and Tawny, and while the owl does symbolize the friendship and the passage between child and grownup, it holds a deeper and more hidden meaning. It symbolizes the burden they have both been carrying on their shoulders ever since that night where they found out about their parents. They have never talked about it and the ignorance of what happened and insecurity about love that followed, all of which yet unexplained, is a contributor to Barns insecurity about who she is even now in her forty’s. As they talk about it and decide to move on they both wake up feeling like the weight have been lifted of their shoulders. And this sweet release is exactly what the heron by the Mersey river resembles. The burden flying away, soaring up, up, up in the sky releasing them from their agony, and taking them back to the simplicity of childhood. Therefore, it seems to be the owl that catches them, brings them in while it is yet another bird, the heron, that is bound to set them free. Tawny’s last comment on how Barn will soon need her wings is Jackie Kay’s way of saying that life is not over just because, you are middle-aged, or you split from your partner or your parents get divorced. Life is only just begun, and I believe that this is the message that Jackie Kay wishes to leave the reader with. You cannot, you must not let the bad things bring you down. Cause if you let them do that then how are supposed to fly?

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ABBLS The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills

The ABBLS is an observational assessment tool that measures the language and functional skills of children with pervasive developmental delays, most often specifically those children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It assesses 544 skills from 25 skill areas which include language, social interaction, self-help, academic and motor skills that typical children acquire before kindergarten. The ABBLS is designed so it can be administered as an observational inventory, or by introducing the tasks as individually introduced tasks to be observed and recorded. Western Psychological Services, the publisher of the ABBLS, also sells kits with all the manipulate objects needed to present and observe the tasks in the inventory. Most of the skills can be measured with items that are at hand or can be easily acquired.   Success is measured in the ABBLS by long-term assessment of skill acquisition. If a child is moving up the scale, gaining ever more complex and age appropriate skills, the child is being successful, and the program is appropriate. If a student is ascending the skill ladder, it is pretty likely that the program is working. If a student stalls, it may be time to reassess and decide what part of the program needs more attention. The ABBLS is not designed specifically for placement or to assess whether a student needs an IEP or not.   The ABBLS for Designing Curriculum and Teaching Programs Because the ABBLS presents the developmental tasks in the order they would naturally be acquired as skills, the ABBLS can also provide a framework for functional and language skill development curriculum. Although the ABBLS was not strictly created as such, it still provides a logical and progressive set of skills that support children with developmental disabilities and put them on the path to higher language and functional living skills.   Although the ABBLS itself is not described as a curriculum, by virtually creating a task analysis (presenting ascending skills to mastery) they can make it possible to scaffold the skills you are teaching as well as skip writing a task analysis!    Once an ABBLS is created by the teacher or psychologist it should travel with the child and should be reviewed an updated by the teacher and psychologist with the input of the parents.   It should be critical for the teachers to ask for a parental report, for a skill that has not be ​generalized to the home is perhaps not really a skill that has been acquired.  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹ Example The   Sunshine school, a special school for children with Autism, assess all incoming students with the ABBLS.  It has become a standard assessment used for placement (putting children with similar skills together,) to decide what are appropriate services, and to structure their educational program. It is reviewed at a bi-annual IEP meeting in order to review and fine-tune the students educational program.

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Importance of Business Communication - 1271 Words

Importance of Business Communication In business, reputation and credibility need to be built up in order to get clients’ trust and confidence. Having a sense of professionalism will bring a lot to the business, especially in a long term relationship with employees and clients. There is a need to make sure that every business deal is attended to promptly. Business communication encompasses not only communicating with external contacts but also with employees within the organization. This will aid the business in being well-organized and every matter whether it is a problem, an inquiry or a sales letter will be attended to properly and promptly. It does not mean that only a client’s inquiry should be responded promptly but also†¦show more content†¦Through successful correspondence, he leads his business to success. The letters, reports, memos etc. He writes to the people demonstrate his ability or lack of it. A successful communicator is able to run the affairs of a business house. He can plan well and control the working of his organization. He has the skill to transfer his policies, decisions, objectives and job instructions to the persons working with him at all levels. So this skill is quite essential for a businessman to perform his managerial functions. Convey Messages Simply put, communication allows a process to take place. The sender sends a message through a medium. The receiver receives it, processes it and then gives a feedback which completes the communication process. Without this process, no two people could ever communicate effectively. There would be no information dispatched and hence no work done! That is the importance of communication in the workplace. Clarity of Ideas When one communicates with another in a business scenario, it is important to understand that the message has to be conveyed in such a way that there is complete clarity in what is being said. The message should be so clear that all doubts and vague and unclear thoughts will be dispelled. The communication process also allows for the person who has received the message to give a feedback and therefore the communicationShow MoreRelatedThe Importance of Business Communication1175 Words   |  5 PagesBusiness Communication Aussie Sportswear International Ltd 54 Oxford Road, Perth PK3 4RG Tel: 00 61 223 123 45 Fax: 00 61 223 765 43 Email: September 5, 2012 Li-Ning Sporting Goods Ltd 69 Minchu Street Shanghai SW7 6AW Dear Mr. Wong Li Chang Inquiry for Purchasing Sportswear We at Aussie Sportswear pride ourselves of our quality sporting products and for meeting the needs of our valued customers. Our market share in Australia is 38 percent with a network of 30 outletsRead MoreThe Importance Of Good Business Communication? Essay2335 Words   |  10 PagesThe Importance of Good Business Communication. Like all things, the basic needs for a business to become successful is good communication. The use of good communication within ones business is vital in order to maintain a fully functional and co-operative company. It is key for a business to be able to communicate properly, with such examples, setting daily tasks for the employees of the company. This use of communication gives the employees a deadline for the day in which would also help boost theRead MoreImportance Of Culture And Its Effect On Business Communication Essay2844 Words   |  12 PagesCROSS CULTURAL MANAGEMENT TERM PAPER Importance of culture and its role in business communication DONE BY NANDHA PUNIT 635370 LECTURER: SALOME GITOHO 16 March 2015 Table of Contents Executive summary 3 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 So what are culture and its effects on communication? 4 Cultural impacts on business communication 5 How business communication affects culture 7 How to add value in cross cultural skills to improve business communication 8 References 11 â€Æ' Executive summaryRead MoreThe Importance of Communication in the Business World Essay2778 Words   |  12 PagesThe Importance of Communication in the Business World The Importance of a positive organizational culture is communication. Creating a positive culture is not an easy task. Companies today need to develop feedback mechanisms to provide a reality check on management’s beliefs about the perception of its employees. In this paper, I will examine the importance of communication in the business world and some of the ways in which companies can improve their communication skills. I will also discuss howRead MoreEssay about The Importance of Communication in Business2487 Words   |  10 Pages â€Å"Communication can be defined as the exchange of verbal and nonverbal information between a sender and receiver† (Swaab, 2009). Communication certainly takes on many forms. In any given circumstance, communication serves as the very backbone in the skeleton of any business. Without its proper use, conversing all that needs to be done would cease in taking place and certainly cripple a company. Simply, doing business requires mu ch communication. Planning is essential in conducting businessRead MoreImportance Impact of Ethical Communication in Today’s Business3693 Words   |  15 PagesAbstract Communication is constant, especially in the information age. Savvy professionals know how to communicate quickly, effectively and ethically. The term ethical communication has different meanings depending on the context. A shampoo advertiser and a sports team spokesperson may have dissimilar views on what constitutes as ethical communication. Some communication guidelines are only applicable to certain situations, while others could be understood as ethical in one situation and unethicalRead More The Importance of Improving Communication Skills in the Business World998 Words   |  4 PagesMy biggest challenge while trying to move up the corporate ladder is interpersonal communication with co-workers and presentation speeches in front of the owners and financial managers. During my childhood, I did not have the opportunity to communicate with my parents or examples of loud arguments and negative personal attacks. Humans develop language and social skills from its surroundings so I guess I can blame mine on my dysfunctional family. At least I did almost five years ago. When the DirectorRead MoreImportance Of Writing, Speaking And Listening On International Business Communication948 Words   |  4 PagesImportance Of Writing, Speaking And Listening In International Business Communication Communication is one of the basic thing in life. People may buy product and using services with communication. In the business world, communication become more and more important. It is the essence of organisation to lead forward among its competitor. According to Mary Ellen Guffey by good communication in organisation one may be able to work successfully in all team environments especially if members do not meetRead MoreThe Importance Of A Good Business Communication Network Design925 Words   |  4 Pagesinventions have revolutionized the way business is done in our current age. I believe it would be safe to say that no business can survive today without computers, primarily for their fast communication channels available. A good business should have a good communication network infrastructure set up internally for fast communication between the workers and externally to suppliers, and their market. So what are the characteristics of a good business communication network design? Before I get into thatRead MoreImportance of written communication skills and business writing skills2467 Words   |  10 Pagesï » ¿ACADEMIC SKILLS MODULE CODE:MOD003701 IMPORTANCE OF WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND BUSINESS WRITING SKILLS NAME: MOHD NORZHAFRI BIN NORAZLAM KBU STUDENT ID: A2357 ANGLIA RUSKIN ID: 1339023 LECTURER: DR. LOH KIAN LING Summary Communication as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary is the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviours to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else